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Our robust driver network is ready to pick you up when you need them! On-demand or scheduled rides available at all hours of the day.

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Advanced GPS tracking for our drivers allows you to see exactly where your driver is before they arrive.

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Flexible payment options so you can pay on your terms. See in-app for all different payment options currently being offered.

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Two Drive

A team of two drivers will pick you up and drive you in your car so you get to your destination safely – perfect way to get both you and your car home safely after a night out.

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Your safety matters

Safety & Security is our top priority – with integrated safety features in the app drivers can quickly alert CueRide of emergency situations, constant GPS tracking ensures we always know where our drivers are, and rigorous data and reporting standards to ensure all passenger records are safe and secure. See our safety policy for more information.

Safety features

Drivers can alert Cueride during an emergency situation from within the Cueride App

GPS Tracking

Our drivers location is always tracked to ensure their and your safety.

Help if you need it

Our service team is always available for service questions and to handle any issues as they arise.

Trust and safety

All our drivers rides are medically insured by CueRide so everyone can travel worry-free!